Hack your memory.

Boostnote is an open-sourced note app for programmer.

*Availability: PC only

Download Mac App Download Windows App (64bit only) Download Linux App (.deb, 64bit only) Go to Tutorial

You can find our app on AUR(Arch Linux)

Uses are diverse

  • Simple notebook

  • Only your reference

  • Snippet manager

Simple markdown & beautiful 150+ syntax.

Boostnote is compatible with Markdown.

Boostnote allows you to quickly and clearly create a well-organized article in Plain Text.
You can easily record a memo on development know-how and take notes during a meeting.

Save your code beautifully.

Boostnote also recognizes over 100 kinds of syntax-highlight making it perfect for writing code.

"Finder" for high speed search and copy&paste.

Boostnote can co-operate simultaneously with other apps.

Boostnote can display Mini-Boost-windows by using short-cut keys.

Copy and paste quickly.

The clipboard feature saves codes and commands that you use frequently allowing for smoother and more efficient programming.

Organize your note.


Boostnote will keep your notes neat and orderly and sort them by name and language into folders.


Additionally, tagging your post makes looking for the note easier.

Of course, Boostnote is free.

Boostnote is published under GPL v3.

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